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Zimbabwe Forestry Online

Zimbabwe Forestry is an online and print magazine which is a forward-looking media company that aims to provide role players in the Zimbabwean Forestry industry and the African continent at large with the latest reliable forestry news, interviews, case studies, technical updates on forestry research and development, environment and conservation matters and forestry community development updates.

Although the respective forestry organizations in Zimbabwe do have their websites, a local consolidated Forestry Industry Magazine serving the Zimbabwean forestry community does not currently exist, hence this website seeks to serve this purpose. Zimbabwe Forestry is not affiliated with any company, political (party), or religious ideology. We look forward to interacting with the forestry community in Zimbabwe and the African continent by sharing information through the various articles available on the website and print magazine.

About the editor

Justin Nyakudanga

Bachelors of Technology in Forestry and
Post Grad Diploma in Business Admin


Community Development, Forest Valuation & Enumeration, and Blogging

"I have over 20 years’ experience in various roles including silviculture, harvesting, planning, and community forestry at corporate level. I currently run a Forestry Consultancy with a focus on Community development, Timber Valuation, and Silviculture."

Justin Nyakudanga